Our products are made in Sweden, which gives high quality and excellent longevity – products you can trust in the long run.

Our products last for a long time, which is a key aspect of ThermoBar’s sustainability work. To guarantee this, all our products have a three-year guarantee. With a long lifetime and the possibility to repair or replace individual parts that have worn out or broken, we minimise our use of raw materials.

From an energy perspective, you can easily save electricity by installing electrically heated troughs in cold stalls. Compare the energy needed to heat one or two ThermoBars with how much energy you need to heat the entire stall. Read more about energy use on these pages.

We are also careful to minimise transport costs. For this reason, we would like you to always contact us before you send parts or a whole trough to us. Our products are made so it is easy to replace most parts yourself. Often all that is needed is for us to send a new part to you – which helps us save on unnecessary transportation.

To further lengthen the lifespan of our products, we are also keen to help you even once the three-year guarantee has expired, or give you advice on how to sort out a problem.

Once a ThermoBar has reached the end of its useful life, we ask you to drop it off at a recycling centre. The plastic in the trough can be recycled and this makes sure that the working parts are disposed of responsibly.