Transformer for ThermoBar 130 and 250 – 220 watt


Transformer for ThermoBar 130 and 250, 24 volt and 220 watt. ThermoBar 130 and ThermoBar 250 is available in two different versions – 150 watt and 220 watt. Choose your transformer according to how many watts you need. The transformer is delivered with a two-metre, 230-volt cable with a regular electric plug.

If you also need the low-voltage cable – choose between a 2-metre, 10-metre or 20-metre 24-volt low-voltage cable with a plug.

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Additional information

Weight 338 kg

Don’t forget to also purchase a low-voltage cable

Length of cable

without low-voltage cable, 10 meter, 2 meter, 20 meter, 30 meter


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