ThermoBar 250 – 150 watt

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ThermoBar 250 is perfect for horses and cattle that roam free, the trough holds about the same volume as a bathtub – 250 litres. The large water surface allows animals to drink in an unstressed, natural manner. In the base there is a drainage hole that makes emptying, cleaning and changing water easy. Handles in the sides.

ThermoBar 250 is temperature controlled. It supplies water at the optimal temperature all year round, reduces power costs and eliminates the risk of overheating. There are two different power levels: 150 watts that is enough for temperatures down to approx. -25°C, and for colder conditions or when installing a float valve and heated hose there is a 220-watt model – perfect for temperatures down to approx. -40°C. Both versions are suitable for a float valve and summer refilling hose in the summer.

It is delivered with a 2-metre, 10-metre or 20-metre low-voltage cable, transformer for outdoor use plus a two-metre 230-volt cable with a plug. Everything is mounted and ready to use – you just have to connect it to a regular electrical socket. The trough is prepared to be fitted with a LED light, float valve and heated hose or summer hose.

The power usage for ThermoBar 250, according to power company Jämtkraft in 2015: 150 watts for 24 hours costs approximately SEK 3.60. 220 watts for 24 hours costs approx. SEK 5.30. The actual running cost will be lower than this because the thermostat turns the heating function on and off, keeping the water between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.


Everything you need is included in the price:
1 ThermoBar 250, 150 watt
1 low-voltage cable (choose between 2m, 10m, or 20m) 24 volt, with plug.
1 transformer, with a two-metre cable, 230 volt (150 watt).
3 drain stoppers
1 strap, 350 cm
1 instruction booklet (pdf)

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions N/A

250 litres


20 kg


Diameter 830 mm, height 630mm




150 Watts (24 Volt)

Freezing point

Approx. -30°C


Rotational molded polyethylene, UV-stabilised, food-grade plastic

CE certified


IP klass

Transformer has IP class 34 and power contact IP class 33

Cable area

3 x 1.5 rubber sheathed


Foil heater in base


In Sweden


3 years


We recommend:
Rojo DN20 float valve for refilling system
Insulated lid to save energy
LED light at the trough

Reserve parts

The following reserve parts are available for this product:
Transformer for ThermoBar 250 – 150 watt
Drain stoppers
Strap, 350 cm
Plug, 24 volt
Electricity socket, 24 volt
Contact plate
Low-voltage cable with 24-volt plug – 2 metres, 10 metres or 20 metres.


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