Plug and plate


Plug and plate for mounting in the wall of a ThermoBar 65 ECO where you have made a hole to install a Rojo float
valve DN 20 with a summer hose, and want to close the hole again when you aren't using the valve and hose.
NB! The plug and plate are included when you buy our 24-volt heated hose ECO for ThermoBar 65 ECO.

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1 plug that can be mounted on the inside of the trough
1 pre-bored plate, to mount in the troughs outer wall.
4 screws for the plate
When mounting, it is good if you keep the removed piece of insulation – the piece that sits between the trough's walls. Place
the insulation back in place when you screw the plate in place, so the trough is better insulated.

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