The basic idea behind all ThermoBars is that your horses, or other livestock, will have access to water of the right temperature all year round. The solution to this is insulated or electrically heated troughs that keep water free from ice in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer. Our most basic trough is simple and well insulated and is best suited to summer use or use in milder winters. For cold-climate winters, we recommend using an electrically heated trough. You can choose if you fill the trough with water manually or automatically.

The majority of our ThermoBar troughs can be “enhanced” with extra functions, such as a float valve or heated hose for frost-free automatic water refilling all year round. Read more about our various options under each ThermoBar product description. More information can be found in the films and overviews found below. Each model also has films showing how it is used and more information on the product pages.