The thermostat that regulates the heating system is located in the middle of the base of the tank. If it is cold and the tank is empty, the thermostat will switch on because of the cold air temperature and the trough will heat up unnecessarily. As long as the trough is empty there is nothing to worry about other than wasted power, but it is important that nothing but water is ever put in a ThermoBar. Never put hay, plastic or any other material in the trough. NEVER use a ThermoBar to soak or heat feed! This does not apply to TB 65 ECO.

ThermoBars are made from carefully selected plastic that is 4-7 millimetres thick. It is strong and has good resistance to cold temperatures. Due to the soft consistency of the plastic, the bottom or the inside walls of the trough can bulge or swell a little over time, but this has no negative effect on the trough’s functioning. However, due to the foil heater
being located in the base of the trough, it is important that horses don’t stand in it.

If your horse is known to kick its water bucket, build a protective fence in front of your ThermoBar. Your ThermoBar will last a lot longer if it isn’t kicked by horses.


Wash the trough out regularly. The frequency your ThermoBar will need to be cleaned out depends on both your horses’ habits and the quality of the water you are using. If the trough has an automatic water filling system – turn off the water while you clean the trough. Use a dish brush, soft cloth or sponge to clean it out. Avoid scratching the surface of the trough and use a good-quality cleaning agent – we recommend Hippofix. After cleaning, disinfect the trough with Hippofix PRO to kill any bacteria. Continuous use of Hippofix in drinking water will lead to much lower rates of bacteria growth and this will make the trough much easier to clean.